Carina Round

British-born Carina Round is a singer-songwriter whom has earned tremendous accolades from fans, critics and the artistic community alike for both her distinctive, yet versatile vocal style and gut wrenchingly honest songwriting. Her critically acclaimed performances are nothing short of spectacular. She runs the gamut from “howling siren” to the performer of ethereal confessional tales, disbanding all concepts of musical tags. It is no wonder she has shared stages with an array of diverse artists such as Annie Lennox, Billy Corgan, Maynard James Keenan, Ryan Adams, Elbow, The Gutter Twins, Snow Patrol, Miles Hunt (The Wonder Stuff), Mark Eitzel, and the legendary James Brown. Growing up in Wolverhampton, England, Carina, starting from a very young age, always had an affinity towards music and began to follow her musical dreams. Never losing sight of her goals, her determination and passion led to the recording of her first album The First Blood Mystery (2001). Shaped in the erratic but gripping sounds, her love of legends Patti Smith and Jeff Buckley resonates undeniably. The follow-up and Interscope re-released debut album: The Disconnection (2004) took those influences into much more powerful and personal realms. It landed Carina worldwide exposure in the process, which ultimately brought her career to Los Angeles, California. The relocation proved worthwhile. For Slow Motion Addict (2007), Carina teamed up with notable producer Glen Ballard to create a bewitching...

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