Electric Moon

there are at least two bands with name Electric Moon: 1. Electric Moon - psychedelic rock band from Germany 2. Electric Moon - hard rock band from USA 1. ELECTRIC MOON were founded in late 2009. Founder Drummer was Pablo Carneval, in early 2011 replaced by Alex, who was replaced by Michael in summer 2012, till spring 2013. Now again as a duo with varying drummers for livegigs. Electric Moon is: Komet Lulu: fuzzbass, effects, vocals (+artwork) Sula Bassana: guitar, effects (+organ/synth/drums) http://www.electricmoon.de/ 2. Electric Moon formed in Tuscaloosa, Alabama near the end of 2010. Since then, they have established a powerful reputation - both for the carefully constructed nuances of their music, and for their explosive live performances. They release ep Oleander in 2012 Their self-described mission is a simple one: Drive thunder and majesty back into rock and roll. Electric Moon is: Stuart Parker - Vocals / Keyboards / Guitar Jake Gordin - Guitar Brian Ritchie - Bass Guitar Michael Ryce - Drums / Percussion http://electricmoonband.com/ Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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